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Maïssane Design Awards 2023: Celebrating Design Excellence in the UAE

The much-anticipated Maïssane Design Awards 2023 is set to commemorate the UAE’s most inventive and talented designers and design studios. This distinguished event, taking place on September 20, 2023, at the illustrious Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, is expected to be a pivotal highlight in the global design industry’s calendar.

As part of the “Abu Dhabi Maïssane Design” fair, an international exhibition of exceptional Design, Art, and Crafts running from September 20th -22nd, 2023, the Maïssane Design Awards 2023 encapsulates the innovative, diverse, and dynamic essence of the UAE’s design industry. It is an exciting platform designed to showcase, recognize, and promote outstanding design talent, offering numerous opportunities for designers and businesses to earn significant recognition and boost their professional trajectory.

“The Maïssane Design Awards 2023 provide an opportunity to celebrate the enormous design talent that the UAE has to offer,” comments the CEO of Mayanne Evenementiel, the main organizer of the event. “We are committed to recognizing designers at every stage of their careers, from emerging talents to lifetime achievers.”

The awards are segmented into individual and brand categories, highlighting achievements across a broad spectrum of design disciplines. These categories range from Residential and Commercial Interior Design to Urban Design Initiatives, offering diverse opportunities for creatives to receive the recognition they deserve.

A spokesperson from Magzoid Magazine, co-organizer of the event, shares, “The awards underscore our commitment to honoring the innovation, creativity, and dedication that designers and design studios have shown.” Nominations are now open and can be submitted online through the official website,, until the deadline on August 31, 2023

Set against the backdrop of the design-rich city of Abu Dhabi, the Maïssane Design Awards 2023 will not only acknowledge exceptional design talent but also encapsulate the continuous growth and evolution of the UAE’s design sector.

For the latest updates, event highlights, and other important information, visit the official website at and follow the Maïssane Design Awards 2023 on social media platforms.

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