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Designers, Creators, Cabinetmakers, Framers, Violin makers, Ironwork, Basketry, Pottery, Ceramics, Earthenware, Art Glass, Textile (weaving, tapestry, embroidery), Sculpture (dolls, puppets, art automaton), Tannery, Jewellery, Tableware, Dinanderie, Painters, Photographers, etc.

Discover the creations of 100 craftsmen and artists from 5 continents selected for the quality, uniqueness and originality of their work. These design and art professionals will open the doors of their showcases and let you discover their creative universe.


Decoration, tableware, tapestry, lighting, furniture, finishing materials… Abu Dabi Maïssane Design honors art and design in all its forms for the greatest pleasure of enthusiasts.

Maissane Design Awards 2023
Maissane Design Awards 2023
Maissane Design Awards 2023
Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi
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